xbusparty mission  

"to give the children the party they deserve, and parents an easier life!"

We arrive 30 mins before your party.
We park as close to your house as possible. We need at least 2 car lengths, outside on the road or on your drive.
We then plug into your electric.
Then plug into your Broadband router. We then load your game of choice. Its usual to play:
1-2 games in 60 min parties,
2-3 games in 90 min parties,
3-4 games in 120 min parties.
The Birthday person can sit in the VIP area with a friend, a twin, a sibling, or joint party host. The VIP area gives a great view of the party and is the cool place to be. Some parties rotate the second VIP seat when games are changed
Players can leave the bus or move around as they wish., but No food or drink due to the leather interior.
FOOD is usually taken before or after 60 & 90 min parties. 120 min parties often have a short 10 min break, mid party.

My son and his friends had a great time in the Xbox bus. Friendly host, cool bus and nothing was too much trouble. Highly recommend, thank you very much - Richard Manser.

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Photography may take place im a party for promotional material inform the opertator if not suitable.